Feed /  飼料

All In One is the only and number one company that sells cattle feeds to every prefecture  in Japan.


A pioneer in formula feed for cattle in Japan.


By researching the nutritional physiology of dairy and beef cattle, we have been developing feed products which greatly improve cattle productivity. By continuing to raise the bar, we established a breakthrough technology that combines steam flaked corn with high quality roughage, leading to the first nutritionally well-balanced "all-in-one" feed (all necessary nutritional ingredients for cattle are included in one patented feed formula) in Japan.

Japan's First Feed Using Flaked Corn
All In One's formula feeds use flaked corn with the highest degree of digestibility in precise blends with alfalfa, and have garnered notable praise from a multitude of beef and dairy farmers, including commercial farms producing premium-branded beef. 
Developing New Antibiotic-Free Products

Our mission is to produce feeds that are safe and useful in the production of attractive dairy and beef products. 


乳 牛



In order for dairy cows to attain their best performance, it is essential for them to get highly digestible and calorie-rich feed. All In One feeds for dairy cows are made with easily digestible steam-flaked corn as their main ingredient, and is devised to be effective in maintaining cows' rumen functions. Exceptionally palatable feeds for replacing nursing and helping calves grow are also available.


肉 牛



Our feeds for beef cattle are well-balanced with all the necessary nutrients, calories, protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. The needed nutrients are combined for an optimal balance at each of cattle's growth stages: rearing, growing, and finishing. We offer feeds that promote smooth transitions between each stage for every cattle breed.


繁 殖



The nutrients that cows need throughout the breeding cycle change significantly, and it is only when these changes receive proper nutritional management that a cow can birth a healthy calf annually. When it comes to calves, in order to assure they reach their desired weight at the shipping age, we take into full consideration of their vastly different nutritional requirements based on each of their growth stages. All nutritional needs for each stage of development are accounted for by All In One's feed products, both for breeding cows and calves.